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Truly life-enriching soul music is an indomitable force of nature. No matter what sub-genre our current crop of musicologists may cite in the very near future to describe Jalen Ngonda’s riveting approach, he’s unequivocally a gifted songwriter and artist, blending classic and contemporary soul influences to create a sound that’s all his own. The last year has seen the release of his critically acclaimed debut album “Come Around And Love Me ” he has even swiftly followed it early in 2024 with two brand new singles, as an artist who writes songs every day, its a natural thing to keep fresh music coming out. Jalen is already catching the attention of the likes of Snoop Dog, Jill Scott, Kehlani and Olivia Dean, as well as Elton John, who predicted last Summer that “he is going to be a huge star”. Despite being extremely busy these past months playing sold-out tours in the USA, UK and Europe and promoting the album, the good news is that he is already planning the next recording sessions. Signed to Daptone Records a funk and soul independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York and the perfect home for him, Jalen possesses a rich, nuanced voice that sets him miles apart from the crowd. His music is as fresh and contemporary as anyone’s gracing today’s scene. . Music that may instil a nostalgia for the golden era of soul but from a very special artist that is very much of his time, a real once in a generation experience.